Digital Marketing Software

Software is playing a huge part in digital marketing these days with many Adelaide digital marketing companies investing significant time and money into building robust tools to help them assist their clients.

This digital marketing software can take the form of data analysis tools, analytics reporting, and much more.

Typically, the need for these tools is to tie in all of the marketing activities that a given business is doing to allow agencies to track performance, and justify their fees.

Digital Marketing

How to Find The Right Software

The first step in identifying suitable software is to discover your requirements.

Does the software need to integrate with Google Analytics, Facebook, Linkedin, SEO, Google Adwords, Youtube and more?

If you’re wanting an all-in-one marketing software tool, then this part is a no-brainer. The tool must be able to integrate with all these systems and more.

Fortunately, there are some good tools out there like Zapier that allow for integration between complex systems with just the click of a button.

Make a Checklist

Once you’ve determined exactly what you need, then it’s time to make a checklist and start comparing all alternatives to this, and ticking off the features one by one to ensure you’re getting a tool that allows you to the activities you want.

Build The Digital Marketing Software

Digital marketing agencies like The Marketing Department have built proprietary digital marketing software using a combination of 3rd party tools like Google Analytics, a CRM, WordPress and more.

Instead of building the software from scratch, it makes more sense to use ‘off-the-shelf’ systems and integrating them with each other.

In the long term, this is far cheaper and reduces the need to keep up maintenance, and doesn’t lock you into the one suppier.

This is key because if you end up having a fall out with your software company, it means you will still be able to get another one to work on the software without fear of it breaking!